The Quick Reference to the new VRS User Guide
Quick Reference to the VRS User Guide


A User Guide to the VRS has now been produced and published as a PDF. It is available from your account menu. For a quick reference on how to access and use the Guide, download the VRS User Guide Quick Reference.

We hope this makes using the VRS easier for you!

Don’t forget the videos, either. They illustrate the VRS in much more detail.


Take a Quick Tour of the New Online Reporting System for Master Gardeners – Watch the Video

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Play Video

More videos of the new system are HERE.

Change in Email Address?

If you have recently changed your email address you can still log in using your old email address as your ID. After you have logged in, go to “My Profile” and then select the “User Credentials” tab. Change your email address (and usename if they are one and the same) and click “Save Changes.” All of your volunteer service and educational records will be maintained under the same user account.

Forgot your Username or Password?

If you don’t remember your e-mail username or password, there is an easy way to get them. Click here if you Forgot Your Password or need Online Reporting Help.

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